Post your workout results to multiple groups

You may post workout results from a single workout to every group where you are a member. You may post the following result types:

  • Assigned workout results
  • Group workout results
  • Ad Hoc workout results
  • Device workout results

Here are a few examples how Post To Multiple Groups Works:

Example A: You are a member of 3 running groups. You complete a run and your Garmin device results synchs to your Addaero account. Open the workout result and select the groups to post the run results.  

Example B: You complete a run and select the Add Results Button (+). Add results to and select the groups to post the results. 

Example C: You are part of a company fitness challenge and a family fitness challenge. Complete a workout and post the results to the company challenge and the family challenge. 

Results that you post to each group will show up on the leaderboard and activity feed for each group. 

Workout Result

Select Group


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