Link Strava with Addaero Solo

Link your Strava account with Addaero Solo. 

Use Strava to sync activities from apps and devices we do not support. Here are a few examples. 

  • Polar
  • Suunto
  • Trainer Road
  • Fitbit
  • Garmin
  • Zwift
  • Tom Tom
  • Timex 
  • Soleus

Upload your activities from 3rd party apps and devices to Strava and the data will sync with Addaero Solo. 

Connect Addaero Solo Account with Strava.

  • Login to Addaero Solo
  • Select the Settings Icon from the bottom navigation panel
  • Select Connections from the left-hand navigation panel

Select the Activate Connection with Strava button

  • Enter your Strava username and Password


Green Checkmark confirms your Addaero Solo account has been linked with Strava.


Once connected your activities from the past 30 days will auto-sync with Addaero Solo.

Manual Sync

Manual sync allows you to sync a Strava activity you may have deleted or did not auto sync. 

  • Select the Calendar from main navigation
  • Select Calendar Options - left hand sub-navigation
  • Connections - lower part of the screen
  • Select Sync Strava


You may link the Strava, Garmin, and all TCX/FIT file activities with an existing workout on your calendar. Here is an Instructional Video on how to Link these activities.

Please note the following regarding Strava Data

  • Strava does not provide descent data 
  • The decimal point is not included in the lap data. So a lap of 8:02.14 will show up as 8:02 but the .14 will be calculated in the activity total duration. 
  • Addaero Solo will sync all of your activities from Strava. The activities will display on your Addaero Solo calendar as a Strava activity. If the activity was created with a 3rd party device or app it will show Strava, not the the 3rd party app or device. 





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