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This help document is for the Solo App for both Android and iPhone. There are a few small user interface differences between iPhone and Android but the functionality is the same.

The Addaero Solo iPhone App can be downloaded for free in the Apple iTunes store.  The Android App can be downloaded for free in the Google Play store.


Current Features:

  • Post and comment on Solo Activity Feed
  • View assigned workouts and health items on the calendar
  • Add results to assigned & unassigned workouts
  • Link Garmin & Strava workouts to assigned workouts.
  • Update profile information
  • Groups
  • Link Garmin, Fitbit, Withings, Strava
  • Post workouts to social media
  • Add Races & Events

We will continue to add features to the iPhone App App so follow our Twitter feed @addaero and blog post for updates. 



  • Schedule: Daily schedule is displayed. Double tap schedule to return to the current day. 
  • Feed: Hig5, post messages, and comment on workouts
  • Add Results: Add results to an unassigned workout
  • Profile: View and edit your profile

Activity Feed

Post a message to your Activity Feed or comment on a workout from another Solo user


View comments on your workout or another Solo user


Filter Feed

You may view your entire activity feed or filter the activity feed by athlete, coaching group, for groups.  



  • View workouts for the day
  • Navigate between days by swiping left/right or use the top navigation day arrows
  • To view workout details or add workout results, select the workout from the schedule view. 

Move a workout to a different day

  • Open workout
  • Select the Move Arrows under the date
  • Select the new date for the workout and click Move
  • The workout will be displayed on the new date you chose
  • A move indicator (arrow) on the workout will indicate the workout was moved





Enter Results

  • Enter results for the workout by selecting each activity (tap to enter results)
  • Enter notes by selecting Workout Notes
  • As Planned will auto-fill the prescribed workout results. This is a quick way to enter workout results. 
  • Complete workout by selecting Mark Workout Complete. If this workout was assigned by your coach it will prompt you to submit results to your coach. 


Entry Fields


Unplanned Workouts

  • Select Add Results
  • Select Sport

Add Results


Garmin Linking

  • Select the Garmin activity on the calendar

  • Select Link or Add Results to a Workout
  • Select the exercise or workout (the exercise may be on the same day as the Garmin activity, if it is on a different day it will search up to 7 days before and 7 days after the date of the Garmin activity). 
    • Link to an exercise will link to a specific exercise in a workout
    • Link to a workout will link to a workout with one or more exercises

  • Once linked with the assigned workout the Garmin activity will be deleted and the Garmin data will populate the assigned workout. There will be a link icon on the agenda screen for the workout indicating data was linked.  


Update your profile, view your payment information, and change your password. 

Post Workouts Results

  • Post to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn
  • Send results via email or text

Once the workout is marked complete, you can post by either swiping the the workout on the schedule view or selecting the post button from the workout detail screen. 




Create a group, join a group, manage a group, and view the group leaderboard. Group tools are under Profile. 

Create A group 

View Group Leaderboard

Add Races & Events

Track your training for races and events. Add the event date and the date you start training - Addaero will count down the days until the event and track your mileage, duration, and activities for the event. 

Once the event has completed add post race/event notes that you can reference in the future. 

Upcoming Races

Track your training for the event

Link Your Addaero Account to Strava, Garmin, Withings, and Fitbit

  • Profile > Manage Connection > Select 3rd party data source to link 
  • You will be re-directed and will need your username and password for the 3rd party authentication.
  • Once you have authenticated close the confirmation screen and navigate back to the Addaero Solo app.  
  • The gold link confirms the connection


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