Frequently Asked Questions: Coach

Q. What is the cost to use Addaero Solo?
A. Addaero Solo is free for both the coach and athlete. There are no hidden fees. 
Q. How can I access Addaero Solo?
A. You can access Addaero Solo from the desktop from the web browser of a mobile device or download the iPhone or Android App. 

Q. Can I use Addaero Solo as an athlete and a coach?
A. Yes, sign-up for a coach account and you also have an athlete account. Lower right corner of the screen you can toggle between your coach account and your athlete account (my addaero).
Q. Do I need Adobe Flash to use Addaero Solo
A. Yes, you need Adobe Flash for the desktop application. The mobile application, iOS & Android App, and performance log do not require flash. Go to to download the most recent Flash Player
Q. What is the performance log and how can I access it?
A. The performance log is a reporting tool for coaches and athletes to view workout results over a certain period of time. It can be accessed from a tablet, laptop, and desktop
Q. Does Addaero Solo integrate with 3rd party data sources?
A. Yes, Addaero Solo integrates with GarminConnect, Fitbit, and Withings. We are in the process of integrating with additional data sources
Q. Can more than one coach be affiliated with a coaching group account?
A. Yes, a coaching group may have unlimited affiliate coaches. Affiliate coaches can be assigned to groups and athletes .
Q. Can I create training plans and apply these plans to athletes and groups?
A. Yes, create a “dummy” athlete or group > build the plan > use Bulk Workout Tools to copy the plan to an athlete or group.
Q. Why is Avg Heart Rate different between Addaero & GarminConnect?
A. The short answer is that we use a weighted algorithm for computing the average heart rate, and Garmin does not. This means that a 3 second HR sample is given more weight than a 1 second sample when we are parsing the data.
Using a weighted average seems more accurate, but we are planning to change this in the future since it causes confusion. The reason we have to do all this parsing is that Garmin doesn't send us data from Garmin Connect. They send us the raw files from the device, before they get imported into Garmin Connect, and they don't share any specifics about how they process the data in Garmin Connect. Every device records data a little bit differently too, so getting the all the numbers to match exactly what shows up in GC is sometimes not possible.
Q. What is the difference between Addaero Solo and Addaero Classic?
A. Addaero Classic is the original Addaero Coach software application developed in 2006. Addaero Classic. Addaero Solo is the new software coaching and training platform created by the Addaero Team. There are many feature and functionality differences between Solo and Classic. Here is a link outlining the Addaero Solo features
Q. What is the maximum number of athletes I can have in a group?
A. There is no maximum number of athletes. There are Addaero Solo groups of 2 athletes and groups of 500 athletes. 

Q. Can I have two sessions of Addaero open in a browser?
A. No, this will cause errors. Coaches will sometimes have an athlete account open in one tab and the coach account open in another tab. The database will have trouble distinguishing between the two accounts. 


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