Frequently Asked Questions: Athlete

Q. What is the cost to use Addaero Solo?
A. Addaero Solo is free for both the coach and athlete. There are no hidden fees. 
Q. How can I access Addaero Solo?
A. You can access Addaero Solo from the desktop from the web browser of a mobile device or download the iPhone or Android App. 
Q. Do I need Adobe Flash to use Addaero Solo
A. Yes, you need Adobe Flash for the desktop application. The mobile application, iOS & Android App, and performance log do not require flash. Go to to download the most recent Flash Player.

Q. Is there an App for Addaero Solo
A. Yes, there is an app available for both Android and the iPhone. There is also a mobile website that can be accessed at
Q. What is the performance log and how can I access it?
A. The performance log is a reporting tool for coaches and athletes to view workout results over a certain period of time. It can be accessed from a tablet, laptop, and desktop
Q. Does Addaero Solo integrate with 3rd party data sources?
A. Yes, Addaero Solo integrates with GarminConnect, Fitbit, and Withings. We are in the process of integrating with additional data sources

Q. Is my health data private?
A. Yes, your health data is private. You may grant your coach access to your health data by changing the share settings under settings.
Q. Why can’t I print my Addaero Solo workouts and calendar?
A. Addaero Solo does not support printing. We decided to provide a number of ways for our users to access their Addaero Solo calendar without requiring a printer. Our goal, save a few Trees. A work-around - connect using ICAL and print from your email client. We realize many of our users want to print so we are in the process of adding a print feature. 
Q. Can I synch my personal calendar with Addaero Solo?
A. Yes, Addaero Solo supports iCal. You can synch with Google Calendar, Outlook, iOS….

Q. Why is my distance and elevation off?
A. GPS devices are not entirely accurate for a number of reasons. Here are a couple of articles explaining issues with both GPS (distance) and Barometric (elevation) pressure Runners World & Bicycling . Remember, it is not 100% accurate but pretty darn good!


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