Print Addaero Solo Workouts

Addaero Solo does not support printing. We decided to provide a number of ways for our users to access their Addaero Solo calendar without requiring a printer. Our goal, save a few Trees

Access Addaero Solo

  1. (Desktop/Laptop)
  2. (mobile web browser)
  3. iOS, Android, Amazon Fire App

We have had a few requests from users that they want to print a workout to take to the pool. Others want to print their workouts and keep on the fridge. We found a middle ground that we feel will meet your needs. 

Addaero Solo 3rd party calendar synch  using ICS allows you to synch your Addaero Solo calendar with your personal calendar (Learn More). Once the workouts are in your personal calendar you have a number of print options. 


Here is one print option with Google Calendar. 

  1. Google Calendar Screen
  2. Select Agenda View
  3. Select More
  4. Make sure to select Print Description so you will see the workout details

*Note: Google Calendar does not have a consistent refresh cycle so new workouts may update immediately and some may take 24-48 hours. The refresh is out of our control.


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