Addaero Solo Performance Log

Addaero Solo Performance log allows you to create reports based on your athlete's workout results. You can add filters to get the data you need for proper analysis. Easy to use and one click away. 

The Performance log can be accessed on a laptop, desktop or tablet either in Addaero Solo from the main navigation or directly from the browser of any device using the URL

Addaero Solo Navigation Bar

Get Started:  Select an athlete

Create a basic report using the defaults or create a detailed report based on the filters available. 

  • Date Range - a period of time or you can create a custom date range
  • Category - filter by one or more sport categories
  • Search - by workout title (great way to compare results from similar workouts

Advanced Filters: Search for workouts based on a range. For example all running workouts between 5 - 10 miles and average HR 75 - 125.

  • Distance
  • Time 
  • Elevation
  • Avg HR
  • Avg Power
  • Avg Pace

Once the report is created 

  • Export to Excel
  • Print
  • Run another report


  • Sort data using column headers
  • Switch users and selected filters will be used
  • Select Notes for expanded notes view
  • Select workout title to view workout details

Select a User




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