Tips & Videos for Athletes Moving From Addaero Classic to Addaero Solo

Below are videos and helpful tips for athletes moving from Addaero Classic to Addaero Solo. Please spend a few minutes watching the videos. After you have watched the videos and read the tips spend a few minutes configuring your settings in Addaero Solo 

 Getting Started Video 


Garmin Linking Video

*You may also link your Garmin data in the iPhone and Android App


Personal Information
  • Add all of your personal information
  • Add a picture that will show up in your coach’s athlete list and activity feed
General Settings
Setup you Addaero Solo Settings so the default views and settings are exactly how you want them. 
  • Login View
  • Calendar Format
  • Week start date
  • Calendar format (week or month)
  • Setup e-mail notifications
  • Set your time and unit of measure (metric or standard)
  • Allow your coach to view your health data (this is opt-in and will allow your coach to view all of your health data)
My Profile
Add upcoming races and events. Add personal information to your profile, this is a good place to provide your coach with more information about you 
Races and events will show-up for you and your coach to the right of your activity feed. You may include additional race info such as travel information, nutrition, goals....
Create connections with Garmin, Fitbit, Withings to auto-sync your account with these services.
Workout Zones
Setup your power, heart rate, RPE, and pace zones. Make sure to to discuss with your coach prior to setting up these zones. 


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