How Notes & Messaging Work in Addaero Solo

Notes To Share with Athlete (Athlete Notes) and Notes to Share with Group (Group notes) allow the coach and/or group manager to share important information to the athlete(s) and group(s). The notes show up  in the VIEW NOTES section on the Athlete's calendar and in the COACH'S NOTES section on workout results email that the coach receives. 

The NOTES SECTION is a good place to provide Information to the athlete that is not workout related. Below are a few examples on how to use this section:

  • Athlete upcoming races
  • Athlete paces
  • Athlete's Personal Best
  • Links to Directions for training or meeting spots
  • Notes about the coaching group or group manager
  • Links to files shared on Google, Dropbox, or

Notes To Share With Athlete

Enter notes to share with your athlete. Each time you post a note the athlete will receive an email. Great place to post season goals, coaching plan, data that does not change very often. These are one way - coach shares a note with the athlete.

Coaches Notes About Athlete

This is where you post private notes about the athlete. The athlete will not see these notes but other coaches in your coaching group can view these notes. 

  • Athlete Training Habits
  • Diet habits
  • What the athlete needs to work on
  • Payment information


Athlete Notification

When the coach or group manager adds a SHARED note, at the next login the athlete receives a notification that a new note is available to view. 


 Athlete View


 Group Manager View


Coach Note (In a workout)

When you add a workout to the athlete calendar you can add a note specific to the workout that the athlete will see when they view the workout. This is a good place for additional instruction specific to the athlete. For example, workout is a 4 mile run and the athlete is recovering from an injury - add a Coach Note telling the athlete to take it easy, not to push it. 


 Activity Feed Comment or Message

You can send a message or comment on a workout in the Activity Feed. Sending a message to an athlete or commenting on a workout will send an email to the athlete. This is 2-way communication as the athlete can respond to the comment and/or message and you will receive an email with their response. An easy way to communicate and keep a record of the conversation. 

Note: You may also send a message to your entire coaching group in the Activity Feed

 E-Mail Notification





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