Activity Feed: Athlete

Addaero Solo Activity Feed  view results, communicate with your coach(s) and group members.  

The "Activity Feed" is a three column layout

  1. Activity Feed - Center Column
  2. Community - Left Column
  3. Activity Summary - Right Column

Activity Feed

The activity feed posts your fitness results in real-time. Each activity feed entry has the following attributes:

  • Athlete Name/Avatar  
  • Sport 
  • Workout name (select to see details in column on right)
  • Date workout was actually completed 
  • Date workout results were posted in Addaero Solo
  • Summary Results for the workout

 High5 a workout - give yourself a High5 or your coach can let you know you did a good job with a High5.

  Post a comment on your workout for your coach to see and respond. You have the option to delete the post as well. 

 Flag a workout so you can find it easily at a later time. You can sort by flagged workouts in your activity feed. 


Filter Activity Feed: Search the activity feed to find workouts. Search by Workout title to compare similar workouts.

  • Example - 5 mile run or certain route(downtown 20 mile loop) - use 5 mile run in the title or (downtown 20 mile loop)  workouts with a similar word match will be displayed when entered in the filter,

Flagged Workouts: Flag one or more workouts in your activity feed so you can find easily at a later date.

  • Helpful for workouts you may want to review at a later date - flag the workout and filter by Flagged workouts

Notes: View result notes that you have entered for each workout (notes is selected by default).

Completed Date: View workouts by the date the workout was completed.

Posted Date: View workouts by the date the workout was posted to Addaero Solo.

Community List

Community lists all of your connections in Addaero Solo. Currently Your Coach and Groups are the two connection types in your Community. You may have unlimited group and coach connections.

My Feed: This displays your posts, your workout results from group workouts, coach based workouts, and Ad Hoc workouts. 

Coaching: This display messages between you and your coaching group, results and comments posted from workouts assigned by your coach, High5s.

Groups: This displays workout results from the group calendar posted by all of the group members. It includes comments made on workouts, messages posted to the group, and High5s.

Full Feed: The Feed defaults to Full Feed which includes Messages, Results, Comment, and High5 from your entire community.


Activity Summary

The Activity Summary view in the right column changes based on the selection in the Activity Feed.

Nothing Selected 

  1. Athlete name and avatar
  2. Last Log-in
  3. Day, Week, Month, Quarter, Year summary stats
  4. Upcoming races and events (you can enter these races in the athlete's settings)
  5. Post a message to your feed which will show up in the feed of all of the members in your community.

Activity Selected

  • Workout name & results details
  • Link to Garmin Connect (if it is a Garmin workout)
  • Post a message on the specific workout. The post will show up in your feed below the selected workout.

Connection in Your Community Selected 

  • Connections Avatar and Name
  • Information on your connection


Group training plans also have a leaderboard. The leaderboard displays total distance, total duration, total activities completed for each group member.


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