Garmin & Strava Linking

Once you have linked your Addaero Solo account with GarminConnect or Strava the fitness data that you upload to GarminConnect/Strava automatically syncs to your Addaero Solo calendar.

You can merge the Garmin/Strava entry with an existing workout on your calendar so the planned metrics and actual results are in one workout. It avoids double entries, it is an efficient way to log your workout results.  


Link Your Garmin Data With Assigned Workout
Desktop/Laptop iPhone & Android App



Link a Garmin/Strava Activity to an Assigned Workout

  • Open the  Garmin/Strava Entry that you want to link to a specific workout (you may also right click the entry from the calendar).
  • Select "Link to a Workout"  
  • Your existing workouts within  1, 3, 7, 15, and 31 day range of the entry you are linking are displayed

  • Select an exercise within a workout or add the results to a workout. 
    • Link to an exercise within a workout allows you to choose one exercise within a multi-step exercise or the single exercise within the workout to link to. For example, if you had three running exercises in a workout you may link the Garmin data to one of the three exercises.
    • Add as a new result to a workout allows you to add the Garmin results to the entire exercise if you have Garmin Data that applies to all the steps in the exercise 

  • Select Link Results and the Garmin/Strava data will merge with the workout on your calendar
    • Note: The Garmin/Strava Activity will be deleted from your calendar once you have chosen to Link Results
  • The Garmin/Strava entry data is now populated in the workout 
  • Once the Garmin/Strava Entry is Linked with a Workout Entry it will be marked at completed with a Green check mark. 

Re-Linking a Garmin/Strava Activity 

If you link the Garmin activity to the wrong assigned workout there is a work-around to fix this mistake.  
You will need to delete (right click) the linked workout from your calendar (this may require you to contact your coach to add the workout back to your calendar. Once the workout is deleted you will need to manually upload the Garmin/Strava activity file that was just deleted directly to Addaero Solo. 
If you do not have the file you can download it in GarminConnect.
  • Login to GarminConnect
  • Select Activities
  • Select the activity that has the Garmin File
  • Far right side of the screen select the gear icon

  • Select Export Original
  • The FIT file will download to your computer
When you have downloaded the FIT file from GarminConnect
  • Login to Addaero Solo and go to your calendar screen
  • Select Calendar Options
  • Select Manual Upload
  • Search for the file on your computer and upload
  • The Garmin Activity is now on your calendar and you can relink it to a workout


There is a link to the GarminConnect site in the workout notes. You may click on the link or copy the link in to the address bar of your browser to view the GarminConnect data. 

In order to view your Athlete's GarminConnect data:

1. Your athlete needs to connect with you in Garmin so the relationship is established. 
2. The activities that your athlete wants you to view must be set to share.
3. When you click the link in Addaero Solo make sure the first time you have logged in to Garmin so it knows who you are or you can copy the link in to Garmin. 
Keep in mind everything is done on Garmin's side Addaero is simply providing the link to connect to the workout. 


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