Addaero Solo May 7th, 2014 Release

  • Group Athletes by Team: Coaches can add a "Team" label to each athlete so it is easier to group & sort athletes by Coach, Location, Level, Group.... As your athlete list grows, organizing and quickly finding the athlete can be a challenge. Adding a label to the athlete allows you to group and sort your athlete list. We are not done, this feature will continue to evolve as we receive feedback from our coaches.
  • Manage Athlete's Workout Zones: Workout Zones have been a part of Addaero Solo for a few months. We received numerous coach requests  to allow the coach access to the athlete's Workout Zones. Coaches now have the ability to manage the Athlete's  Workout Zones.   
  • Athlete Profile: Coaches now have access to view their Athlete's profile. The profile section includes the athlete profile, bio, and list of upcoming races. 



Total Duration For Blocks: Total workout duration was not calculating for block workouts. This has been fixed, now there is a total duration for both single exercise and block duration based workouts.


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