User Settings: Athlete

User Settings located on the bottom navigation bar is where the user creates and updates personal information. 

Personal Information

Tasks that can be performed "Personal Information"

  1. Change password
  2. Update user information
  3. Add a picture to Addaero profile
  4. Check account status

General Settings

Tasks that can be performed "General Settings"

  1. Set the unit of measurement that you would like to use in the program to Metric or English
  2. Set your time zone so Solo can tell when to send your daily workouts
  3. Set your default login screen to either the  "Summary Screen" or the "Calendar"
  4. Set your default calendar view to either month or week
  5. Set the week starting date
  6. Set your notifications and what time  you want to receive the notification
  7. Turn on/off animations - this will remove the the Flash animations.

E-Mail Notifications - Yes or No

  • Receive comments and messages on My Feed

  • Receive Addaero News and Updates
  • Receive Weekly Summary

  • Receive Missed Workouts

  • Receive daily workouts


  • Time of day you will receive daily workouts

My Profile

Tasks that can be performed "My Profile"

  1. Enter information about yourself "Biography"
  2. Enter and track upcoming races and events

Workout Zone

View Article on setting up Workout Zones


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