Garmin Connect Auto Sync

The Garmin Connect AutoSync requires a one time link between your Garmin Connect account and Addaero Classic. Once your account is linked, all of your activities uploaded to Garmin Connect after you linked your Classic Account will automatically transfer to your Addaero Classic Account. 

Note: If there is a workout that does not synch you can manually upload it to Addaero Classic with the upload TCX/Fit file option.


In order to sync your data you must have a Garmin Connect account.

 Connect your Addaero Classic Account with Garmin Connect.

  • Login to Addaero Classic
  • Select the icon from the Top navigation
  • Select the button
  • Enter your Garmin Connect Username and Password
  • When you are authenticated the connection will turn green

Note:  After establishing the connection between Addaero Classic and Garmin Connect, you will need to upload all workouts completed after the time of the sync to initiate the transfer of data. Synced activities may not show up immediately. 



GO TO GARMINCONNECT and upload your Garmin Activities from your device.

Please note, only workouts that have been uploaded after you make the connection between Addaero Classic and Garmin Connect will sync with Addaero Classic. 

Once the Garmin Activities have uploaded to GarminConnect they will sync to Addaero Classic.  

  1. Login to Addaero Classic
  2. Go to the Garmin Activity date on the Addaero calendar.
    1. The example below shows a Garmin entry of on 01.19.2014. The entry title defaults to a “Garmin” activity but it can be changed.
    2. If an activity has device information associated with it there will be a device icon on the calendar entry.
  3. Select this entry to view the Garmin data and select Edit to change the activity to one that describes this entry.


 All of the data pulled from your device that does not fit in a predefined field will be placed in the “Device Notes” Field

You have the option to link this entry to an prescribed workout that your coach assigned so that the prescribed workout and the Garmin activity are combined.

Open the Garmin entry and select "Link to a Workout" it must be linked prior to changing the Activity name. Once the Activity name is updated from Garmin the “Link to Workout” option is removed.


 Select "Link to A Workout" and the box below is displayed

  • Workout Search Range selects the range of days it will search for a prescribed workout. It defaults to 1 day but it can expand to 30 days. This is helpful if you completed the workout on a different day from the date of the prescribed workout
  • Once you have select the workout select "Link Workout"


  • When the "Link Workout" button is selected a warning box  is displayed stating that data from the Garmin workout will be transferred to the prescribed workout and the Garmin activity will be deleted

  • Select "Link to a Workout" and the data will transfer
  • Navigate to the prescribed workout and you will see it populated with the Garmin Data. 







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