Addaero Solo Athlete Getting Started

Athletes connect to Addaero Solo on a desktop/Laptop, Android or iOS App, or web browser on a mobile device. 

Connect to Addaero Solo
     iTunes & Google Play

 Getting Started Video (7:45)

  1. View your workouts and message with your coach(Activity Feed)
  2. Confirm and update your user settings (Settings)
  3. Connect your Garmin, Withings, Fitbit (settings) 
  4. Setup, plan, and analyze your workouts (Calendar)
  5. Create workouts in your personal workout catalog(Workouts)
  6. Move, Copy, Delete a range of workouts (Bulk Workout Tools)
  7. Create a group calendar to share a training plan with Friends (Groups)
  8. View health and fitness data (reports)
  9. Access Addaero from any mobile device (Mobile)


  • Personal Information 
  • My Profile Biographical information about you. Planned races and events allows your coach to see upcoming races that you have planned
  • General Settings
    Setup your Addaero Solo Settings and default views.
    • Login View
    • Calendar Format
    • Week start date
    • Calendar format (week or month)
    • Setup e-mail notifications
    • Set your time and unit of measure (metric or standard)
    • Allow your coach to view your health data (this is opt-in and will allow your coach to view all of your health data)
Link your Addaero Solo account 
  • Garmin
  • Fitbit
  • Withings
Once they are linked they will automatically sync with Addaero Solo.
Workout Zones
Setup your power, heart rate, RPE, and pace zones. Make sure to to discuss with your coach prior to setting up these zones. Learn More
Activity Feed
When  you login for the first time you are presented with your Addaero Solo Activity feed. As you add workout results, your activity feed will populate with your workout results data. You and your coach can message through the activity feed. Learn More

Manage Your Personal Calendar

Begin using your Addaero calendar to plan, track and analyze your health and fitness. 

  • If you connect to a group training plan, the group schedule will appear on your calendar
  • If you connect to  a coach, the coaches workouts will appear on your calendar
  • Activities from your device that you synched with Addaero will appear on your calendar.
  • Add your own workouts to the calendar by choosing from your personal workout catalog.
  • Did you complete a workout that was not on your calendar? Simply use the add workout icon to add the workout details

Build Workouts

  • Build workouts using the Workout Builder. All of the workouts that you build are saved in your "Workout Catalog"
  • This is a great way to plan your training
  • Once a workout is completed and saved it  is in your workout catalog which can be accessed when adding workouts to Your Calendar or a Group Calendar.


View your health and fitness results for a week, month, year or last 30 days. 

  • Miles
  • Duration
  • Distance
  • Calories
  • Weight
  • Body Fat
  • Steps Walked

Bulk Workout Tools

Move, Copy and Delete a range of workouts. Great way to build a training plan and apply it to another part of your calendar. 

  • Move a range of workouts within an athlete calendar, group calendar, or personal calendar

  • Copy a range of workouts to one or more athletes, one or more groups, or to another range on a personal calendar

  • Delete a range of workouts within an athlete calendar, group calendar, or personal calendar

  •  How to Move, Copy, Delete Workouts

Create or Connect to a Group

  • Groups is where you create groups and invite members to join the group. You can also connect to an existing group. Groups with workouts  you are associated with will show up on your Addaero Calendar. 
  • You can create a group in this module, invite people to join your group, manage the members and group calendar. 



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