Invite Athlete

A coach or a coaching group can invite one or multiple athletes to join their coaching group. If the athlete accepts the invitation the coach will have access to the athlete(s) calendar. This allows the coach to

  • Add workouts to the athlete's calendar
  • View the athlete's Calendar and workout results
  • View the athlete's Profile
  • Setup training zones for the athlete

The athlete or the coach can terminate this relationship at any point in time.

Select "Athletes" in the bottom navigation bar

Select "Invite Athletes"


  • In the fields provided enter the following
  • Athlete email address
  • Athlete First Name
  • Athlete Last Name
  • Select the group or coach the athlete is assigned to. Generally it is the coach but as you coach you may have a group you want to associate the athlete with.
  • Select the "Party Responsible for Payment". When payment is required this will state who is responsible for the annual fee as well as the monthly athlete - coach fee.
  • Select "Invitation Expiration" this will state how many days the athlete has to confirm or deny this invitation. At the conclusion of the stated date the invitation will expire.

There is no limit to the number of invitations that can be sent

Sent Invitations

  • Once an invitation is sent the athlete will show up in the "Invitations Sent" until the athlete accepts the invitation.
  • If the athlete accepts the invitation the athlete moves to the "Athlete" list.
  • You may resend the invitation from Sent Invitations
  • You may delete the invitations from Sent Invitations

Note: You may also remove an invitation or resend and invitation by selecting the   in the left column.  



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