Add Workout to Addaero Calendar

There are multiple ways for a workout to be added to the Addaero Solo calendar

  • A coach with access to your calendar can add a workout from their workout catalog
  • You may add a workout from your workout catalog
  • You may add results to your calendar for an unplanned workout. 
  • If you are a member of a group, the group manager will add workouts to the group calendar and they will automatically populate your calendar. 

Drag workout from the "Workout Catalog"

Workouts can be created in the "Workout Builder" and dragged on to the Addaero calendar. 

  1. Select "Schedule Workouts" and your workout catalog will be displayed
  2. A preview of the workout content is displayed on the right hand side. 
  3. Drag the workout from the catalog to the desired day on your calendar either in the month or week view and drop it on the calendar
  4. There is no limit to the number of workouts you can add to the calendar

Tips and Tricks

  1. Clicking the column headers will sort the activities by the header type.
  2. Search for a workout by keywords in the workout. Use the search box and start typing   Screen_Shot_2013-02-20_at_5.28.22_PM.png if you are looking for a cycling workout with hills type "cycling hills" and all workouts with these keywords will be displayed
  3. Expand or collapse the workout catalog by dragging the Screen_Shot_2013-02-20_at_5.30.08_PM.png up for down. In the week view this will provide a much larger view of the workout catalog

Create an "Ad Hoc" Result

If you recently completed an un-planned workout and want to add the results from the workout selectScreen_Shot_2013-02-21_at_9.27.40_AM.png the green plus sign in either the week or month view. Once selected follow the steps to enter your results. 



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