Link Fitbit data with Addaero Solo

Addaero Currently supports all Activity Tracker devices from Fitbit. In order to import your data to Addaero Solo you must have a Fitbit Account. 


 1. Addaero Solo Application:  Connect Addaero Solo Account with your Fitbit account logged in to Addaero Solo.

  • Login to Addaero Solo
  • Select the Settings Icon from the bottom navigation
  • Select Connections from the left-hand navigation

Select “Activate Connection with "Fitbit” button


You will see a Pop-Up screen from Fitbit - enter your Fitbit account information and select Allow.

You will be re-directed back to Addaero Solo


Once the your information is confirmed you will see a green check mark and your Addaero Solo account is connected with your Fitbit account

Once your account is connected  Fitbit activities from the past 30 days  will be synched  from your Fitbit account to your Addaero Solo account..


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