Build Training Plans and Training Plan Templates

It is simple to build a training plan and/or training plan template in Addaero Solo:

  1. Create a group 
  2. Build out the plan on the group calendar 
  3. Use the Bulk Workout Copy tool to apply the plan to one or more groups or athletes.

How To: Use Bulk Workout Copy Tool

It is important to use the notes section to add the specific details of the plan. This makes it easier to find the plan when searching for a plan to apply to a group or athlete.

Steps to create an a training plan or training plan template

  • Go to the GROUP section in Addaero Solo
  • Create a Group and name it something that will be easy to remember. Keep in mind you may create a large number of plans. (for this example we will call it Half Marathon 16 Weeks)
  • Build out the training plan for the Half Marathon 16 Weeks
  • In the coach's notes add information specific to the training plan Such as duration, plan level, start and end date. This makes it easier to find and manage the plan when you want to copy it to another group or athlete at a later date.
  • To apply the  Half Marathon 16 Weeks plan to an individual or group, use the Bulk Workout Copy Tool  

Note: We suggest using the group  feature instead of the athlete to create a training plan or template. The process is similar but you are not charged an annual fee for a group.


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