Mobile Web: Athlete

Mobile for Addaero Solo Athlete account. This section will assist in navigating the Addaero Mobile ATHLETE user interface.

Use from your  mobiles device's browser. 


IOS Add the Icon to your home screen select the icon below


Once added it will show up on your home screen: 


Use your Addaero username and password to login to your account.


 Menu Icon is a quick jump to all of the sections on the Landing Page


 Calendar is where you view all of your workout and health data


 Profile is where you can view your Profile information


Settings is where you update all of your Settings for Addaero Solo


 Add planned or un-planned completed workouts to your Addaero Solo Calendar


 View all of your Summary data including duration, distance, activities


Move Workouts

Select Move



Select up or down arrow next to the workout you want to move and it will move it to the next date. You will need to do this multiple times if you want to move it forward or back 2+ days.



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