Create a Training Plan to sell in the Addaero Store

Coaches, do you have a training, health, or fitness plan you would like to sell? You can create these plans and sell through the Addaero Store. 

To create and sell a plan, follow these steps:

  • Create a  Plan Overview (this is what the potential buyer will read about the plan, so make sure to be descriptive). Once the steps below are completed send all of the information to

    • Plan Name
    • Plan Discipline
    • Plan Type (Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced...)
    • Plan Duration
    • 3-4 lines describing the plan
    • Example of a sample week
    • Price for the plan
    • Your coaching group name
  • Build the plan in Addaero Solo as a Group
    • Create a group name "10 K Intermediate 8 week Plan"
    • Choose a start date and build out the plan for the required duration (the start and end date do not matter you are simply building a plan). Note the dates in the coaches notes section of the group. For example Start November 1st, 2013 - End January 1st, 2014. You will need to know these dates when you copy the plan to a client's calendar
  • Addaero will review the plan and if it is acceptable, we will post the plan in the in the Addaero Store. Once the plan is posted we will notify you. that it is available for purchase.
  • When the plan is purchased we will notify you and instruct you how to setup the client and the purchased plan. The plan must be setup within 24 hours of purchase.
  • Cost to list with Addaero - 70/30 split - you receive 70% of the sale and Addaero receives 30% of the sale.
    • Addaero Provides - Marketing, Payment Processing, a free user Addaero Account
    • You will be paid monthly by Addaero at the beginning of the following month with the following conditions
      • The plan must be purchased at least 2 weeks prior to be paid for the plan. If not, you are paid the following month's payment cycle.
      • The payment owed in your account is $20 or above.


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