Mobile FAQ - Classic Version

Addaero Mobile is accessed using a web browser instead of an application developed for a specific mobile device operating system. This provides flexbility for our users. You do not have to download an application or wait for a specific update. Go to our mobile device site and start using Addaeero Mobile. Fast, easy and flexible!

 Addaero Mobile was built to work inside a browser. You can access Addaero Mobile from any mobile device with a web browser. Our system will detect the device and provide the appropriate Mobile experience based on the device type.  

 What Can I do as a Coach?

  • Assign workouts
  • View athletes schedule
  • Move workouts
  • Create workouts
  • Review results

 What Can I do as an Athlete?

  • View workouts
  • Add results
  • Move workouts
  • Create workouts

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