Athlete Setup - Classic Version

Choose the "ATHLETES" link on the navigation bar



1. "Account Tab" complete the information for each required field. 

2. Choose a subscription (created in Setup) based on the athlete

3. "Coach's Notes" are displayed to the athlete on the athlete dashboard. A good place to store upcoming races, athlete's PR, athlete's vitals.

4. "Athlete's Profile" information/notes than can only be viewed by the coach. The athlete does not see these notes.

5. "Files" a place for the athlete to upload files to share with the coach. Most formats are accepted including Garmin, PowerTap....




"View Dashboard" allows the coach to view the athlete's dashboard in a week view. This is the view that is displayed for the athlete when they log in to Addaero.




If "Group Setup" is chosen the "Group" subscription for the athlete, a 5th tab will appear labeled "Group Emails"


Select the "Group Emails" tab

Enter each individual email for the athletes you want to receive the "Group Email" workouts. Separate each email with a comma. This is a fantastic tool when you are coaching a group of athletes that require the same workout but do not post results.



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