Athlete Support - Classic Version

Welcome to the Athlete setup process. Use this section as a tool to assist you in setting up your profile and providing you with the insight to use the feature rich functionality in Addaero. You can also contact us at or choose the icons for information on how to use functionality within the application.

When you login to Addaero you are greeted with the weekly "Workouts" screen. This screen is where you manage your fitness schedule and create, move, and add results to workouts.




  Create workout - this allows you to create your own workout.

 This shows you the workout is complete and the results have been entered.

 This shows you the intensity of the workout assigned by your coach.

 This is a key workout icon which means your coach requires that it CAN'T be moved.

This shows that your workout was moved from the assigned date.

*Your coach needs to provide you permission to move or create workouts



Your coach will use this section to add notes that only you and the coach can view. Notes generally includes vitals, upcoming race schedule, and fitness personal records.



"Week Totals" is a visual display of your planned versus actual total scheduled fitness for the selected week. This will update automatically when you update your results.




Click in to a workout to enter your workout results. The results you enter will be emailed to your coach and will also update on your coach's calendar. Use the "Files" feature to upload a file such as Garmin, WKO, PowerTap.. Your coach will download this file to view and analyze. Use the "Results link" to add a link to your GarminConnect account or any other web based account that you want to share with your coach.




This feature within a workout allows you to see past results from the same workout. This is a valuable tool that allows you to see your performance increase/decrease on a like workout.



This is an option your coach needs to allow you to use. This feature allows you to create your own workout and add it to your "Workout Calendar".



"File Sharing" allows you to upload files to your account for your coach to view. You can upload a file within the working or in the "File" section. In this section you can create folders and organize your files.



This log allows you to run reports on all of your fitness results. You can tailor and filter these reports based on attributes and a date range. Export to Excel for additional analysis and data manipulation.



 Addaero allows you to Tweet and Post your workout results to Twitter and Facebook. Your coach must enable this feature for you to be able to use it.

1. Inside a workout select either  the  button

        2. You will be re-directed to the Twitter or Facebook site to Post or Tweet your workout results.

       3. You may be required to login to the Social site before posting your workout results.



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