Account Setup - Classic Version

SETUP WORKOUT ATTRIBUTES - Activity > Intensity > Subscription

Choose the "SETUP" link on the navigation bar



Choose the activities you will assign to your athletes. Below are the examples of activities that you can create. 


Each Activity has attributes assigned based on the activity. Attributes are the metrics your athlete will record in their workout results. Choose attributes for each activity. These attributes will show up for all workouts that share this activity.


Each activity will require an intensity to assigned to it. You can create your own intensity, use the default intensities, or combine default intensities with the intensities you create.


You also have the option to create a custom intensity using the screen on the right hand side.


Each athlete can be associated with a subscription. A subscription allows the coach to put the athletes in groups based on how you coach your athletes. Listed below are a few of the subscription options and how each works.


"Monthly Schedule" locking allows the coach to put in months of workouts for an athlete but the athlete can only view the current month. A coach may use this for an athlete if they want to setup multiple months for an athlete but they do not want the athlete to have access to these future months. As each month approaches, you have the ability to unlock and give access to the planned month as needed.

"Athlete Moves Workout" allows the athlete to move assigned workouts to different days than the original day it was assigned but the coach. This is a coaching preference and can be turned off.

"Group" let's you create a "Lead" athlete allowing the ability to group multiple athletes under the lead account. This "Group" will receive workouts via email and login to Addaero with a common username and password. The athletes associated with the Lead athlete WILL NOT have the ability to enter the results. For example, if you are coaching a triathlon group who all receive the same workout and you do not need individual results, the "Group" is the proper subscription to use. 

If you create a subscription with the Group option all of the other subscription options will not be available. When you create the group athlete in the ATHLETE SECTION and assign the "Group" subscription to an athlete, you will see a tab appear on the athlete section for the email. This will allow you to enter multiple email addresses for this "Group"


Athletes now have the ability to post their workout and result to Twitter and Facebook. As a coach you can decide to enable this feature within the setup location of Addaero. You have the following options with the Social Feature:

1. Disabled

2. Allow athletes to share results

3. Allow athletes to share workouts and results

4. Global feature, if you allow it for one athlete you allow it for all athletes.

As a benefit for you as a coach or for your coaching group, - Addaero allows you to brand the Tweet result. Each person that clicks on a Tweet from one of your athletes will see your coaching group logo in the Tweet! This will expand your marketing reach.


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