Schedule Workouts - Classic Version

Choose the "SCHEDULE" link on the navigation bar



Choose the athlete in the left column

Choose "Workouts" tab & select  "Activity" Your list of workouts for that activity will appear in the list below.

Click on the workout and drag the workout to the desired date on the calendar.



Once the workout is in place on the calendar the "Weekly Totals" will automatically update.


Click on the workout on the calendar to add additional information or notes to the workout.



"Copy Program" allows you to copy a program or date range of workouts from one athlete to another athlete.

1. Select "Schedule" > Select Athlete you want to copy from > Select Copy Program


2. Set date range of workouts from the athlete you want to "Copy From"

3. Select "Get Assignments"

4. Select Athlete you want to "Copy To" Select "Start Date"

5. Select "Copy"



The “Move Workout” feature is intended to change the date range of workouts for an athlete. It allows you to move forward or back a range of workouts on the athlete's schedule.


1. Select "Schedule" > Select Athlete > Select Copy Program

2. On the left side set date range of workouts from the athlete you want to "Move From"

3. On the right side select the SAME athlete and set start date for the workouts that you want to "Move TO"

4. Select “Get Assignments

5. A list of assignments from both date ranges will appear. When you select “Move” the items from the left side will appear on the right side. Make

6. Double check your work as this action can't be undone once you select “Move”

7. Select "Move" The workouts will now show up in the athlete’s calendar on the new dates. 

*Note if you move the workouts all of the “Results” information will remain in the workouts that you move.

** Move function is intended to move within an athlete’s calendar. If two different athletes are chosen the move function will not work.



"My Account" allows you to enter in all of your account information

1. Turn help icons on and off (we suggest keeping these on until you are comfortable with the program)

2. Select the "Branding" tab to create a banner for your coaching group. The banner you upload (Logo or Text) will be displayed in the top right corner of the site when the athlete views their calendar.


The "Coaches" section allows you to add and manage sub-coaches in your organization.

1. Coaches can view just their athletes or all of the athletes and their sub-coaches within their organization

2. Coaches can create rules around what workouts a sub-coach can view and modify, and if the sub-coach can have a personal workout catalog.


Run reports on each athlete based on the date rang and filtered attributes.

1. Export to Excel

2. Print or Create a PDF


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