Link Garmin Connect with Addaero Solo


Link your GarminConnect account with Addaero Solo. If you do not have a GarminConnect account go to to create an account. Once the two accounts are linked the files uploaded to GarminConnect will sync with Addaero Solo Automatically. 

Note: Once your account is linked with GarminConnect you MUST upload one activity to GarminConnect and the past 30 days of workouts will sync from GarminConnect to your Addaero Solo account. How fast they sync is up to Garmin. 

Connect your Addaero Solo Account with Garmin Connect.

  • Login to Addaero Solo
  • Select the Settings Icon from the bottom navigation panel
  • Select Connections from the left-hand navigation panel

Select the Activate with Garmin Connect buttonScreen_Shot_2013-04-05_at_12.10.07_PM.png

  • Enter your Garmin Connect Username and Password

Once your account is connected, and you have uploaded a new activity, the past 30 days and all new activities will auto-sync  from your Garmin Connect account to your Addaero Solo account.. 

Manual Upload FIT and TCX Files

You may also manually upload individual Garmin files to Addaero Solo. 

Left Side Select



Garmin activities on your calendar will look like this example

You may link this Garmin workout with an existing workout on your calendar. Here is an Instructional Video on how to Link Garmin workouts.


Permission Settings | GarminConnect

Your coach can access each GarminConnect workout from Addaero Solo. You must provide permission for your coach or make your workouts public in order for your coach to see these workouts. 

Login to GarminConnect

• Go to Settings.
• Select Privacy Settings.
• Your choices are Only Me, My Connections, My Connections and Groups, and Everyone.




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    Mirko de Boer

    It seems that virtual rides in Garmin Connect (on Zwlft) are not synchronized to Addaero.

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