Connect Addaero Solo with GarminConnect & Strava

Since the initial release, Addaero Solo has Synched with GarminConnect - HERE IS THE  How to Synch With Garmin Connect ARTICLE

Great News - there is a 3rd Party Service  available that allows you to sync your GarminConnect data to your Strava account. Now you only need to upload your data one time (GarminConnect)  and your data will synch automatically to Addaero, and Strava.

This works great with Garmin Edge 510 and 810 devices which upload via Bluetooth to GarminConnect. Complete a ride and by the time you reach your computer the data has been uploaded to GarminConnect and synched to Addaero and Strava. 

Garmin Sync

*Note the sync from GarminConnect to Addaero is almost immediate. The sync from GarminConnect to Strava may take some time. 

How To: Authorize Garmin Sync to publish to your Strava account:

  • Go to Garmin sync (  and follow the instructions for entering the activity ID of one of your Garmin Connect activities.
  • Follow the prompt to authorize Garmin Sync to upload activities to your Strava Account. 
  • Please be patient, the first time you try this,  it will take a few minutes for authorization between GarminConnect and Strava to take place. 
  • Here is a link to the FAQ on Garmin Sync's website





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