Add Health Results To Your Addaero Solo Calendar

Add Health Results

To add health results to your Addaero Solo Calendar:

  • Select the date you want to add the health data to your Addaero Solo Calendar Screen_Shot_2013-05-02_at_2.30.36_PM.png
  • Select the Heart Icon health_12.png 
  • Select "Health Items to Record" (Active Time, Weight, BMI, Sleep, Heart Rate, Systolic, Diastolic...)

  • After selecting the Health Items, Select Done
  • You will be presented with the Health Screen where you can view and graph health data for the past 30 days. 

Left Column

The left column displays summary information for the health entry. The notes field is used to add notes about this entry.

Center Column

  • The center column is where you add the data to each "Health Item Record"
  • The graph for each "Health Item Record" displays the data for the record for the past 30 days

Right Column

  • Selecting the Screen_Shot_2013-05-02_at_2.53.53_PM.png from a "Health Item Record" in the center column will display a definition of the the Health Item and list the past 30 entries for the item.
  • Selecting the Screen_Shot_2013-05-02_at_2.55.51_PM.png from a "Health Item Record" in the center column will graph the past 30 days of the health items. Choosing more than 1 item to graph will give you the opportunity to compare multiple "Health Items Records" in one graph.

Tips and Tricks

  • You can add additional "Health Items"  using the Screen_Shot_2013-05-02_at_2.59.21_PM.png button


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