Manage Workout Catalog

The workout catalog is available to the athlete and the coach to manage and store their warm-ups, workouts, and cool-downs.  

Workouts from the Catalog can dragged and dropped from the Catalog to a your calendar, group calendar, or athlete calendar. 

1. The Workout catalog is accessed by selecting "Workouts" icon on the bottom navigation

2. NextL Select "Workout Builder" from the left hand navigation


3. All of the workouts in the "Workout Catalog" are presented with the

  • Category,
  • Workout Name
  • Distance
  • Duration

4. Workouts can be searched by "Keywords" that are in the category or title

5. Selecting a workout:

  • Displays the workout on the right hand side of the screen for editing
  • Turns on the duplicate & delete button located at the bottom of the catalog

6. Using the Buttons at the bottom of the catalog you can do the following:

  1. Add a new workout to the catalog
  2. Duplicate the selected workout
  3. Delete the selected workout
  4. Catalog Overview - view details of your workout catalog 

7. Change Workout Category in the Catalog 

  1. Select the workout for the category you want to change
  2. Select the category in the left hand column
  3. In the drop down select the new category


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