What is Addaero Solo?

Addaero Solo is available to athletes of all levels and physical ability and was developed to be a flexible health and fitness log for the athlete.

We define athlete as anyone engaged in any sort of physical fitness.

If you register as an athlete (not a coach) you have the following options to use Addaero:

  1. Self Train (Addaero Solo Schedule) - use Addaero as a training log to plan, track, and analyze your workouts.
  2. Group Train - (Group Schedule) Join a group or create a group. You may create your own group(s), invite athletes, and create a group calendar. You may also join a group created by another Addaero athlete. The activities created by the group you join will appear on your Addaero calendar.
  3. Train with a Coach - Join a coach or coaching group. This will allow the coach access to your calendar to plan and analyze your training.
  4. All Three Options can be used at one time - You can connect to multiple groups and coaches. The activities/workouts from each connection will be added to your Addaero calendar.

Regardless of the option chosen, you will have full access to all of the Addaero features and functionality

Note: If you have multiple group and coach connections,  filter these calendars by removing the checkmark so they are not all displayed on your calendar at one time.




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