Setup & Manage Groups

Addaero Groups can be created and managed by both athletes and coaches  - examples of how groups are used

  • Common schedule for a club sport
  • Common group plan for friends and family
  • Fitness challenge
  • Training plan for a race or event
  • Coach a group of athletes
Groups are great for whatever sport you and others decide to participant in. Simply create a Group, create a group description, upload a group image or log, and invite others who might want to participate in your group.  Once the group is created you can add workouts to the group calendar. There is no limit to the number of athletes in a group. We have seen a group of 2 and a group of 2,000.
Every user in the group will have the group activities show up on their Addaero calendar. The user can filter groups, leave a group, create a group.

Select the "Groups" icon on the bottom navigation bar.

There are three ways to add and invite users to your group once the group has been created. 

  • Invite Email
  • Invite Code
  • Invite Link
In order to use one of the three invite processes you must first create a group. Once the group is created,l select the group in "Groups I Manage" and select "Group Members"


If you want to invite specific people to the group use the Invite Email feature.

  • Enter  the user email address and name in the defined fields.
  • Invite as many people as you would like
  • Once all of the users are added, select invite and an email with the group invitation will be sent to the user(s). 
  • This can be done at anytime and as many times. There are no limits to the number of group members or number of times an invite can be sent.


Addaero has made it easy to connect with people you may not know and allow them to connect to one of your group calendars. Simple create an invite code or invite link. This link or code can be used by anyone to join your group in Addaero. 


Activate an Invitation Code to extend an open invitation to your group through social media, blog, website, or mailing list. Make sure you also let the potential group members know to go to to activate the code. They must sign up for an addaero account if they do not have an Addaero Solo account. 


Activate an Invite Link e to extend an open invitation to your group through social media, blog, website, or mailing list. The potential group member will receive the link and once it is selected they will have the option to login and accept the invite if they are a member, or register and accept the invite if they are not an Addaero Solo member. 



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