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Addaero Calendar Month & Week View

The Addaero Calendar can be viewed by month or by week

Month View: select the desired month on the top bar. The month displayed will be in Orange.


Week View:  select the desired week on the right side. The month displayed will be displayed  in Orange on the top bar.


Calendar Options


  • Schedule filter
  • Connections
  • Weekly summary options

Schedule Workout


This provides access your Workout Catalog. Workouts are added to the Workout Catalog in the Workout section.

Calendar Filter

The Addaero calendar can have multiple schedules posted on it. This allows you to view all of your training data in a single view. You can filter out calendars by removing the checkmark from a schedule in "Select Schedules". 

The color associated with the schedule will be displayed on the calendar. The color can be changed using the color palette located next to the schedule name.

Below are a few examples of schedules. There are no limit to the number of schedules you can have on your Addaero calendar. 

  1. Group Calendar
  2. Personal Calendar (Addaero Solo Schedule)
  3. Coach Calendar


Calendar Icons

health_12.png Is a health entry that can be manually entered by the user

withings.png  Withings entry that is pulled from your Withings account

garmin_arrow_sm.png Garmin entry that is pulled from your GarminConnect account

Screen_Shot_2013-03-06_at_1.09.28_PM.png Add results to your Addaero Solo calendar. This is used to add the results from an un-planned workout.  

Screen_Shot_2013-03-06_at_8.44.22_AM.png Check-mark indicates the workout has been completed. The check-mark is displayed in the workout and on the calendar.

Screen_Shot_2013-03-06_at_8.45.53_AM.png Move Icon shows the workout has been moved from the original day to a new day

 Color is tied to the category type. Gives you a quick visual of workout categories on your calendar.

Planned & Actual Duration & Distance (Week View)


The Far right column displays weekly planned and actual duration and distance summaries.  If a workout does not have a planned total this will not be calculated in the totals.

The summary totals can toggled between duration and distance using the "Weekly Summary Options"


Quick Summary: View monthly and weekly planned & actual distance & Duration

monthly totals.png


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    Rodney Rubin

    how do i move a coaches program i purchased and  never used from last august and sept 2016 to JAN ,FEB 2017 please?

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    how do you remove a coaches access permanently?

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