Addaero Solo Coach Getting Started

This is where you need to be as a coach to become familiar with Addaero Solo. Below are a number of videos to help you get started. You are encouraged to watch the videos in the order they are displayed. 

There are three ways to connect to Addaero Solo

  1. Desktop/laptop computer
  2. mobile device (web browser).
  3. Your personal athlete account (My Addaero) use the iPhone and Android app to view your workouts. 

Follow these steps

Video: Coach Overview (7:49)

Video: Manage Athletes (6:15)

Video: Addaero Solo Calendar (5:10)


Video: Modifying Month View (2:00)


Video: Manage Groups (4:34)

Video: Build Workouts (9:18)

Video: Affiliate Coach Setup (3:26)

Video: Configure Workout Zones (4:51)

Video: Bulk Workout Tools (3:30) 

Video: Solo Activity Feed (4:56)

 Configure Coach Settings 

  • Personal Information 
  • My Profile 
    • Biographical information
    • Planned races and events 
  • "General Settings" 
    • Edit  system preferences
    • Turn off the animations in Addaero Solo to speed it up the software.
    • Set email notifications
    • Set privacy settings

  • Workout Zones 
    • Heart Rate
    • Pace
    • Power
    • RPE  
Create these zones for general, cycling, and running exercises. As a coach you can set these zones up for your athletes. Video on Workout Zones


Manage Your Personal Calendar

As a coach you receive your own personal Addaero Solo  calendar. You can use this to plan, track, and analyze your own training. 

  • Your personal Addaero Solo Calendar is the calendar you see when you login to Addaero Solo. This is NOT  group calendar, it is your calendar. 
  • You can also access the Calendar in your Athlete section by selecting My Addaero in the Lower left corner drop down menu. This allows you to toggle between your Addaero Solo calendar and your coaching account. 
  • Once you have accessed your calendar you can plan your personal training or add workouts. 



View Your Personal Fitness Summary Information






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